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Air Conditioning Repair

Anything less than perfect performance from your cooling system is unacceptable. Even minor issues impact your everyday life, causing discomfort, aggravation, and higher running costs. There’s also the risk of property damage, degraded air quality, and complete system failure.  For quality solutions to every type of difficulty, with any brand of equipment, contact the fully licensed, insured, and certified team from Rube's, Inc. We work to more exacting standards than our competitors, ensuring prompt response, highly trained technicians, and a job completed to your satisfaction. We don’t rely on the temporary fix, but take the extra steps to ensure a properly working system that will hold up to severe weather and constant use. At the completion of service, we perform rigorous operational checks and conscientious clean up of the work area, leaving you with ideal comfort rather than damage and mess.

Expert A/C System Installations

Rube's Inc brings you modern solutions to the age old problem of keeping a comfortable home. Trane air conditioning units boast exceptional quality and come in a variety of options. Choose from Trane’s many air conditioning units that vary in size, price and efficiency. No matter what your needs, we can help you choose an air conditioning unit that meets those needs and fits your budget.

When you take advantage of new installation or upgrade into a modern cooling system, we deliver state-of-the-art products, skilled workmanship, cost-savings, reliability, and perfect comfort.  The benefits start immediately and improve your everyday life, year after year. 

Upgrade to a more efficient system and save! 

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